How Weather Affects Pest Problems


With summer comes the warm and sunny weather, relaxation and delicious barbecues. It also brings an influx of insects. Rising temperatures can lead to more pest invasions and cause various issues in your yard and home.  It is important to note how different seasons and types of weather can affect pest patterns .

A great aspect of the summertime is that insects no longer have to seek shelter within your home, as they can fully survive outside! However, this means that your outdoor space may become riddled with pests. Mosquitoes are one of the most prevalent that thrive in the summer.

Their numbers jump with the heat and humidity. While they pose no risk to the structure of your home, their presence is irritating and their bites can be itchy, unpleasant, and potentially dangerous. Other bugs that tend to make an appearance in your yard are ticks and wasps. Ticks are known to spread Lyme disease, which can be severe and sometimes fatal. These buggers thrive in long grass and lush vegetation, therefore they usually do not make appearances in the winter.  

Wasps are aggressive creatures that you will more than likely encounter during the summer months. Unlike mosquitoes, wasps can pose harm to your home and may build their nest right outside your door (literally)! Avoid these pests by properly disposing of food, wearing closed-toe shoes, avoiding strong scents and bright clothing, and keeping an eye out before getting your hands dirty in the garden!


Most insects are cold-blooded and must seek shelter in the winter to survive. Many of these will attempt to actually hibernate within your home to conserve energy and avoid the weather. Pests that don’t tolerate cold weather include spiders, ladybugs, moths and more. Spiders are mainly harmless, but their webs are a sign of poor hygiene and are an annoyance.

Contrary to popular belief, water and moisture are necessary for pests to survive. Too much water however can obviously be harmful to them. However, termites come out to play when heavy winter rains form. They are difficult to detect and can cause numerous problems to the foundation and structure of your home. Additionally, cockroaches are the survivalists of the pests and may take up room within your home. They are not only a nuisance but also are disease-ridden, potentially putting your health in danger.


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