Should you perform your own pest control?

While they have no definitive scientific classification, pests are referred to as bugs or other small animals that worm their way into your home. From rodents like mice and rats, to insects like termites and mosquitoes, pests vary in size, infiltration methods, and even their own reasons for seeking your home as a refuge. As a homeowner, protecting your home is a top priority and nobody knows its foundation better than you. Main Line Exterminating, specializing in pest removal since 1976, has the strategies you may need to guard your home on your own terms.

One of the advantages that professional exterminators have is their access to sophisticated repellants and traps. While some of these materials can be bought, exterminators carry a much larger arsenal, and the materials they use are of a higher quality. However you have an advantage as well: you know the strengths and weaknesses of your home and understand where you need to pay more attention. Performing your own pest control can be effective however working with a Pest Control Professional will ensure not only guaranteed results but usually a much faster resolution of the pest problem.

Mosquitos are among the most common pests, particularly in the summertime. The hot sticky weather drives them from their nests and onto their targets. Making your property less alluring is a great preventative countermeasure. Because mosquitoes are drawn to water, removing standing water decorations, like bird baths and flowerpots is a great first step. We also recommend that you adjust your sprinklers to prevent over-watering. Too much water will draw them right to your lawn. Lastly, we also emphasize on picking up trash, as mosquitos can also be drawn to other liquids that may be contained in discarded beer bottles. These strategies also apply to other insects, such as ticks.

When it comes to larger pests like rodents, you may need to apply more proactive countermeasures. Because rodent’s bones can bend, they can squeeze inside nooks and crannies you wouldn’t expect. A first great countermeasure is to identify these holes and seal them with cement or copper wool. Also, similar to the mosquito strategy, deny them what they came for: food and water. Rodents can smell food from an impressive distance away, and the crumbs lingering in the back corners of your kitchen floor will be their first target.

Main Line Exterminating wants to make sure that your home is protected from pests while providing solutions that are proven to succeed. For more information about out services, visit our website or call us at (610) 649-2999.